Benefits Of A Bathroom Extractor Fan

A bathroom extractor fan is crucial for your home, as there are many benefits for having one. Below we list the three top benefits, as to why we think your bathroom should have an extractor fan also.

Improved Ventilation

It’s a pretty obvious one, but not something to dismiss. A benefit of improved ventilation is also the reduction of mold. This usually occurs due to the humidity levels produced in the bathroom. Don’t dismiss mold/fungus as a minor issue, it’s not only ugly to look at it can be dangerous.

Improved Airflow

As long as the fan is installed correctly, the fan will help improve airflow. As already stated above, one of the main problems in a bathroom is high humidity levels.

Heat Removal

Another important benefit is heat removal. An overload of heat in the bathroom can lead to an uncomfortable feeling. With fan installation, heat is pulled into the roof space.