Buying the Right Lights for your Christmas Tree

At this time of year, people are choosing decorations for their Christmas trees. Lights are one of the most important and popular decorations, for both real and artificial trees. If you have a Christmas tree in your home, decorating it with lights is probably traditional as well. Here are some things to consider when choosing tree lights:

  • Can they be used indoors and outdoors? Lots of the fairy lights you buy can be multi purpose. You may be able to use them outside in the future.
  • Are the the right colour? Tree lights come in many different colours.
  • Should you choose LED lights? These will stay cooler and the bulbs tend to last longer. This might make them safer for use in households where there are pets or young children.
  • How much should you spend? Strings of lights are in a series circuit rather than a parallel circuit. This means that when one goes out, they all go out. It may not be worth spending lots of money on lights for this very reason.