Garden Lighting: Fixed or Temporary?

Perhaps the best decorative item to buy for your garden would be all year round decorative lights. But what are the best and the least expensive lights to buy?

A good recommendation would be LED decking lighting; you don’t necessarily need to have actual decking, and you could build a really great feature yourself out of wood and metal, and fix the LED lighting into that. These lights often come in a selection of different colours, therefore you could have a set of all the same coloured LED lights, or a selection of different coloured LED lights, depending on your garden centre, or local B&Q; if they have the option to buy mixed colours. These usually start from around £40 in cost for about 20 LED lights, and the prices go up with sets that have more LED lights in them.

Using this approach you would need to be good at DIY and Electrical wiring, or know a friend or family member to do this for you, and this feature would most certainly be fixed all year round; and every year until you decide to change it. Though you won’t need to have wires trailing around, and have to untangle them to put them up; or on the inverse take them down when you want to and mess around wrapping them, and unravelling them from wherever you put them around.

If you are not good at DIY and don’t have a friend or family member on call to do this for you, but still want some sort of lighting for your garden, then you can choose some solar powered LED string lights to decorate your trees and bushes in your garden, or traipse around your patio area.

For either option above, you can also have an additional decorative light feature in your garden, like a Sakura tree that has LED lighting through fibre-optics or concealed wiring in the branches; these are usually battery powered and suitable all year round in all weather conditions (some may be solar powered with a panel on the base; look around for these they are a must!).