How to Buy the Correct Light Bulb

It can be incredibly difficult to buy the right light bulb – there are just so many lining the shelves. They are now widely available in supermarkets and as such, it might be difficult for you to get the kind of specialist help you need when choosing the correct light bulb for your ceiling lights or lamp.

There are four popular types of light bulb fitting: Edison screw, small Edison screw, LED and bayonet. The type of fitting you need will depend entirely on the light you need to use the bulb with. Check the light before buying a bulb, as it will usually tell you which kind of bulb you need. ES means Edison screw (not energy saving as some people think!) and SES stands for small Edison screw. If you need LED bulbs, they should last you for years – you shouldn’t be replacing this type of bulb regularly unless something is wrong with the electrics.