Lightweight Cordless Lawnmower from Gtech

Something new and exciting has sprung forward this summer, with a modern and stylish design that looks great in your garden and makes cutting your lawn less of a chore.

The New Gtech Falcon lightweight cordless lawnmower is very manoeuvrable and makes mowing less strenuous; perfect for large gardens where traditional corded and/or heavy lawnmowers have struggled to get to the furthest reaches and the hard to reach places. Thanks to the powerful 36V Lithium-ion battery it can go further for up to 40 minutes on a single charge.

Featuring a 40 litre grass bin that will raise a flat to tell you when it’s full, and an adjustable cutting height that makes it easier to cut the grass to the length you want it.

Because of the great lightweight design, it’s also compact and very easy to fold away the handles and store nicely in a shed, or covered outside space.