Power Cleaning: Karcher Pressure Washer

Summer is here, it’s a perfect time to get out in your garden and get some work done, though you may find that your patio area has weathered over the years and has become gunky, dull and murky and needs a good power wash. A Karcher pressure washer is the ideal solution for cleaning a patio area, decking as well as garden furniture, bicycles, cars and motorbikes.

The Karcher V2 has a water inlet filter that prevents dirt particles getting into the pump and causing damage to the washer unit. It has an automatic start/stop motor that is activated when the trigger is released, and a rotary on/off switch. They are easy to handle thanks to the ergonomic carry handle, and come with a long cable for a good reach, as well as hose hook for a tidy and compact storage solution.

A Karcher V2 pressure washer retails from about £70 and upwards towards £95 depending on where you wish to buy from.