Roomba 900 Series Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roomba 900 series robot vacuum cleaner is a revolutionary new way to automate the vacuum cleaning on a level of your home. This is made possible thanks to the proprietary vSLAM® technology that enables the Roomba 900 series to create visual landscape maps and navigate around real-world clutter, then stores them in memory to create a visual pattern that enables it to keep track of the areas and places around the home where it has cleaned and what areas it is yet to clean.

The battery last for up to 2 hours then the Roomba automatically returns to it’s charging station, charges and then resumes it’s cleaning tasks and repeats the process until the cleaning cycle for that level has been completed.┬áThere is also a booster function where the device increases power to clean rugs and deep carpet pile where dust and bacteria hide to improve efficiency.

Roomba 900 series can also be controlled via a smart phone device to enable to device to clean from anywhere.